Board Certified Periodontist

Patient Testimonials

“The staff at the practice are very personable. They really get to know the patients. It’s like we are best friends. I was impressed with Dr. Young from the very first day of my treatment. He has a good, gentle way about him. He took his time to explain everything I needed in detail and always had time to answer my questions. I also noticed he was never rushed to get to the next appointment. He has a very gentle hand when treating me and this made the treatment very comfortable. He is excellent at laser treatment. My gums are much better now and I am getting my implant.”
smiling woman
Gum Grafting, Laser Treatment, Dental Implant
“I had some periodontal problems with deep gum pockets and some gum recession, so I came to see Dr. Young. The staff are very congenial and professional. Dr. Young has a calm spirit and is a calming influence during procedures. I really appreciate that. He communicates so well that he takes away the fear of the unknown. My gum line is now stable. My receding gums were fixed and my deep pockets majorly improved.”
smiling woman
Laser Periodontal Disease Treatment
“The staff always get me timely and convenient appointments. They are all so flexible and pleasant. Dr. Young gives very good and thorough explanations of what he has found and what he is going to do, and he never rushes you. He is very personable and professional. I came to Dr. Young because I had periodontal disease and there were concerns about my gums in relation to my teeth. I have been treated by Dr. Young and now I have stronger teeth. When he gave shots I felt no pain or discomfort. I have confidence in his treatments.”
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Periodontal Treatment
“I came to Dr. Young because I had two bottom center teeth that were shifting and something was wrong. Everyone at the practice is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Young is very knowledgeable and very good at what he does. He also explains what is he is doing and what is about to happen so I am always informed. I had my periodontal disease treated and two teeth extracted and replaced with implants. I’m glad I had this done before it got worse. My experience was a great one, and I know that because of this treatment, I will have a healthier mouth.”
smiling woman
Periodontal Treatment, Dental Implants
"Everyone at the practice was nice and treated me well. Everything at the practice was fast and easy. Dr. Young is a great doctor and I got great results. I can smile again!”
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“I had a tooth that was broken and one that was abscessed and came to Dr. Young to see what needed to be done. After my examination, he thoroughly described my dental status and his recommended course of treatment. Dr. Young was very informative and described in an understandable manner what would take place. He then prompted me for any questions or concerns and answered all of them to my full understanding. His assistants and staff did a great job of making my visits convenient and comfortable. Dr. Young’s use of new processes for treatment was of great benefit. He used a controlled laser to seal up tissue after treatment and this is a tremendous improvement over traditional stitches. My recoveries were thus much more tolerable. His treatment has greatly improved my comfort and dental health.”
smiling man
“I had continuous discomfort around my teeth and I came to Dr. Young on referral. The staff were very welcoming, helpful and supportive of any needs I had. They were very informative and professional. Dr. Young is very knowledgeable and offers guidance and support. His expertise is very obvious. He eased my anxieties about the procedure and I became very confident. You can tell he is in this for the patient. He even offers you his cell phone so you can contact him if needed. I am very satisfied with my implants and am no longer in constant discomfort. No more pain and no more problems. I am now pain-free.”
smiling woman