First Visit & New Patient Exam

Knowledgeable & friendly care

Dr. Young and his team are dedicated to providing you the best possible care in a warm and helpful environment. We ensure all your needs are taken care of from the moment you first call on us.

When you arrive for your first appointment you will meet our friendly staff who will make sure your visit is efficient and comfortable. Dr. Young will conduct a very thorough exam and really listen to your concerns. He thoroughly explains things in a way you can easily understand and he takes the time to give you all of your treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

Getting Started

We will help you complete any needed paperwork when you come in and then take you to your treatment room, where you will be seated in our comfortable dental chair with massage functionality. After taking your vital signs, our assistant will get further information for the doctor from you.

Dr. Young will then join you in the exam room, review your medical and dental history and discuss your concerns and goals. He will do an initial inspection and obtain any needed X-rays

Exam may include

Digital X-Rays

When needed, we take full digital X-rays of your teeth and jaw. Digital X-ray devices emit only a small fraction of the radiation emitted by standard X-ray machines and the images are available in seconds. Digital X-ray images are often far sharper than standard X-ray film, making diagnosis faster and more accurate.

Cone Beam 3D CT scanner

When your treatment will include dental implants or address problems related to your jaw joint, Dr. Young will have you obtain a 3D CT scan at a local imaging facility. The scan creates a 3D 360 degree view of your teeth, jaw bone and surrounding structures. These images can be magnified and viewed from any angle, allowing for very accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Comprehensive examination

Depending on your situation and the reason for your visit, Dr. Young may also perform a comprehensive examination. He will thoroughly inspect your head, neck, jaw and mouth to see if there is any evidence of jaw joint troubles or of disease in your oral tissues, including signs of oral cancer, and will take any follow-up actions that may be needed.

Dr. Young will gently probe the depth of the gum pockets under your gum line to assess the severity of any periodontal disease that may be present. He will check the alignment of your bite and determine which teeth have shifted or are loose. He will also check your gum line to see if there has been any gum recession around your teeth.

Thorough education on findings and treatment options

Dr. Young will let you know his findings in detail and will explain all treatment options so you fully understand what your situation is and what you can expect of your treatment. Dr. Young is known for his gentle chairside manner, and for really taking the time to listen to patients about their needs and concerns. He will answer all your questions so you can feel at ease and make a well-informed decision about your treatment.

Podcasts For New Patients

“Everyone at the practice was nice and treated me well. Everything at the practice was fast and easy. Dr. Young is a great doctor and I got great results. I can smile again!”

“Dr. Young is the sweetest, nicest person. He is never rushed.”

— Luis, Periodontal Disease Treatment & Bone Grafting