Board Certified Periodontist

Gum Disease Treatment Options

Dear Patient, if you need the best care for gum problems, I can help you choose the right gum disease treatment. This applies to both yourself and someone else. All of what I will list below is predicated on this personal belief.

You can understand everything I want to explain and make good decisions in complex areas of your life.

In other words, I and my team will strive to respect and empower you to make your own decisions. Certainly, I have received training for the diagnostic and technical work provide, I will do this to the best of my ability, but this does not give me the right or even the desire to tell you what you should do or what is in your best interest.

We will take the time to give you enough information so you can make reasonable decisions. If you desire for me to take care of you, I’m willing to do it. However, it’s fair to consider getting other opinions if you still have questions.

What to expect for Gum disease treatment

Now, below is an ordered list on how you can expect me to operate at an initial visit and in accomplishing a thorough examination in order to then explain all reasonable gum disease treatment options.

You need to know all reasonable gum disease treatment options before any treatment is provided.

If you are having dental pain, this becomes the priority because it is difficult to think when in pain.

Once you are out of pain, then we can proceed to accomplish a more detailed examination.

A thorough examination begins by looking at your general health first. This is why I need to know what medical procedures or care you have or are currently receiving. Also, I will need a list of all the prescribed as well as over-the-counter medications you are taking.

Next, we will need to obtain current x-rays. In some cases, this is bypassed in order to go directly to a head-specific CAT scan. In the dental world this is called a Cone Beam Computer Tomography or CBCT.

Following this, I will perform a thorough clinical examination which will include an examination of your gums. I will also advise you to look at my video explanation of Periodontal Disease to include your responsibilities – the things you will need to do to help improve your health and keep yourself healthy as much as possible going forward. You can do this right now by clicking here.

Once I have completed this examination, we will then be able to discuss my findings and I will make recommendations as to how best to move forward. As part of this, I will also compare and contrast different gum disease treatment options in order to enable you to make a reasonable decision.

You are best served when you understand to a reasonable level how you are where you are health-wise. No, we don’t have to put you through a science class but we do have to get a little technical in order for us to then provide you with all reasonable treatment options.