Comfort & Sedation

Comfort amenities to help you relax

You can take advantage of the massage feature in our dental chair if you would like a massage during your treatment, and you can also use the heat setting to warm the chair to your preference.

We also offer pillows and blankets for added comfort in the chair, and we have water and coffee available for refreshment.

Minimally invasive treatments

Dental laser for periodontal disease treatment

Dr. Young uses an advanced dental laser to effectively treat most cases of periodontal disease. Laser periodontal disease treatment often removes the need for conventional surgical procedures, is considered far more comfortable by the vast majority of patients and has a faster healing time than traditional periodontal surgical procedures involving stitches.

Ultrasonic scalers for gentle cleaning

Our ultrasonic scalers vibrate at between 25,000 and 45,000 times per second and with light pressure gently and thoroughly remove the plaque and calculus that has accumulated on your teeth both above and below your gum line (a process known as scaling). They help speed up the process of scaling but hand instruments are often used as well.

Non-traumatic extractions

Dr. Young prepares teeth to be extracted in such a way that they can be removed easily and vertically. in order to preserve and minimize damage to the surrounding bone. This is a more delicate removal and usually results in less post treatment discomfort compared with a forceps extraction.

Gentle injections

Dr. Young uses a local anesthetic for injections that numbs faster, deeper and more thoroughly than standard formulations. He also delivers the anesthetic in two stages using a separate, topical anesthetic at the injection site prior to the actual injection. The net result of all of this is that most patients go away reporting that they either did not feel the injection at all, or that it was so slight a sensation that it did not turn out to be the problem they had been fearing it would be.

Growth proteins that speed healing

During certain procedures, Dr. Young will add growth proteins to surgically treated tissues. These proteins accelerate the speed of healing and help regenerate strong tissue. They also reduce swelling, prevent infection and lessen post-operative discomfort.

Sedation options

Dr. Young provides sedation options for patients who need help with anxiety, or in the case of long procedures. He will let you know which options might best suit your needs, but in the end you will decide what is best for you.

Oral conscious sedation

In the case of oral conscious sedation, Dr. Young will prescribe you a sedative to take before the procedure. This will help you relax and often results in people not remembering much of the appointment. For this reason you will need to have someone drive you to and from the appointment. Usually the sedative is through your system by the time you wake from your nap, but it is highly recommended that you not drive a car for the rest of the day.

IV sedation

In IV sedation, the sedative is entered directly into the bloodstream and is regulated to achieve optimum comfort. Under IV sedation you will be in a deeply relaxed twilight-like sleep where you can still respond to communications from the doctor. Dr. Young is certified to provide IV sedation but often uses a registered anesthesiologist to administer and monitor the sedation during your procedure. Dr. Young uses IV sedation for lengthy complicated procedures usually running four hours and longer.

“Dr. Young is very knowledgeable and very good at what he does. He also explains what is he is doing and what is about to happen so I am always informed. I had my periodontal disease treated and two teeth extracted and replaced with implants. I’m glad I had this done before it got worse.

“My experience was a great one, and I know that because of this treatment, I will have a healthier mouth.”

— Carisa, Periodontal Treatment, Dental Implants