Gum Recession Treatment in San Antonio

Gum Recession Treatment in San Antonio

Dr. Young provides state-of-the-art gum recession treatment using minimally invasive procedures.

Minimally invasive Gum Grafting to correct Receded Gums

When gums recede, the roots of your teeth become exposed and the teeth appear longer than normal. Not only do you look older, the teeth become more sensitive to heat and cold and they can become damaged, as tooth root surfaces are softer than tooth enamel and are not as well protected.

Skilled Gum Grafting specialist

Dr. Young is highly skilled at restoring the gum line around your teeth using minimally invasive gum grafting techniques. With restored full gums, your teeth will no longer be overly sensitive, your smile will be enhanced and your tooth roots will be protected against infection and decay.

Minimally invasive treatments

Dr. Young uses micro-surgical techniques and very thin sutures when performing gum grafts. Microsurgical techniques are less invasive and result in less post-operative discomfort and faster healing.

Our Gum Grafting procedure

Gum Recession Treatment in San Antonio

Dr. Young will explain your treatment options in detail and any answer any questions you may have.

The essence of gum grafting is to take a small section of gum tissue from one source and place it at the point where the gum line needs to be corrected.  Dr. Young will obtain gum graft tissue by either gently removing a small sliver of gum from your palate or by using donated gum tissue from a human tissue bank. He will determine the best option for your needs after a thorough examination and will always present your treatments options in detail, and answer any questions you may have.

Our Gum Recession Treatments

Below are our gum grafting treatments for receded gums, and treatments to prevent future gum recession:

Gum grafts to restore root coverage

To restore the natural gum line around teeth where the gums have receded, Dr. Young uses a minimally invasive “tunneling” technique for gum grafting where he gently creates a pouch that runs sideways across your gums, underneath your outer layer of gum tissue.

The graft material is placed into the pouch to thicken the gums. After this, the outer layer of gum tissue is secured. When the site has healed, you will have a new, natural-looking gum line supported by thick, healthy gum tissue.

Building back thin gums

Gums that are too thin cannot support the teeth adequately and will eventually recede. Dr. Young can gently add gum tissue to thin gums to build up thickness and strength. This will preserve the health of your gums and prevent further recession.

Augmenting the gum around an implant

Sometimes after placing an implant, the gum line is not high enough or thick enough to completely hide the implant once the dental crown is placed. This is both a cosmetic and functional concern, as proper gum support is needed for full implant stability.

Dr. Young will gently graft tissue around the implant to build back a complete gum line so the implant is invisible and properly supported.


A frenum is a small fold of soft tissue that connects two parts of your mouth together and limits the motion of one of the connected parts. You can find a frenum on the inside of your upper lips and lower lips, and on the underside of your tongue.

Oversized frena inside the lips can pull at the gums closest to where the frena are attached and cause the gums to recede. When needed, Dr. Young will use a gentle laser to reduce the size of the frenum and bring it down to a suitable size and strength.

We will keep you comfortable

Dr. Young always educates you on exactly what to expect in your procedures so you can feel at ease. Using special local anesthetics, his injections produce little to no sensation.

We also provide blankets and pillows for added comfort during the procedure, and if you want to relax further, we can warm the dental chair to your preference. The dental chair also has a massage function.

Complimentary Gum Recession Consultation

Gum Recession Treatment in San AntonioIf you have any areas of your smile where the gums have receded, come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Young and find out about the procedures that can restore your natural gum line and preserve your health and smile. Your consultation will include:

  • Consultation with Dr. Young
  • Find out more about gum recession and the different treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered

To make an appointment, call 210‑660‑1050 or click here to request an appointment online.

Patient testimonials

Gum Recession Treatment in San Antonio“Dr. Young has a calm spirit and is a calming influence during procedures.”

“I had some periodontal problems with deep gum pockets and some gum recession so I came to see Dr. Young.

“The staff are very congenial and professional.

“Dr. Young has a calm spirit and is a calming influence during procedures. I really appreciate that. He communicates so well that he takes away the fear of the unknown.

“My gum line is now stable. My receding gums were fixed and my deep pockets majorly improved.”

— Stacey

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To make an appointment, call 210‑660‑1050 or click here to request an appointment online.