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Teeth-in-a-Day and All-on-Four

Teeth in a day?

Teeth-in-a-Day and All-on-Four are marketing terms that describe a process of transitioning from a set of failing teeth or the wearing of complete dentures to a more permanent or fixed solution.

Dr. Young does not care for these terms personally because they imply the idea that everything is accomplished in a day. This is not true. What is true is that the transition out of the failed teeth and into “new teeth” is accomplished in a day. 

When appropriate, depending on the amount and location of bone in one or both jaws, the teeth can be “fixed” to the newly placed dental implants. This is especially important and useful when considering the transition of the lower arch of teeth because the complete lower denture, especially one delivered at the time of removal of existing teeth, for most patients, is impossible to comfortably wear. The implants placed in the lower jaw hold the new teeth above the healing area and make the transition much more comfortable and functionally helpful for patients.

The idea of All-on-Four is that the entire set of teeth for one arch can be supported by only four implants, or that only four implants are necessary. This is sometimes true, but sometimes it is best to have more implants for a variety of reasons.

How our system works

Dr. Young works with qualified experienced prosthodontists to provide this level of care. It is reasonable to see Dr. Young first in order to begin the analysis process. Early on, a Cone Beam CT will be ordered and studied in order to see how much bone is available for strong implant placement and support.