Crown Lengthening in San Antonio

Crown Lengthening

Skilled Functional Crown Lengthening

The crown of your tooth is the visible part of the tooth that shows above your gums. There are certain occasions when there is a need to move the gum line around the crown so the crown is further exposed, or “lengthened”. Crown lengthening is done to allow other corrective treatments to take place or to enhance the aesthetics of your smile.

Dr. Young is highly skilled at exposing the crowns of your teeth when necessary. He uses advanced minimally invasive procedures that are fast-healing.

Lengthening the crown to assist other treatment

When a tooth needs a restorative crown due to a fracture, wear or decay, enough of the natural crown must be exposed to be able to place a restoration without cutting into the gum line and causing pain, irritation or bleeding. Dr. Young can gently adjust the gum line around the teeth and resculpt the tooth surfaces as needed so a restoration can be placed securely and without complications.

There are also times when a cavity forms partially or completely below the gum line. In this case, Dr. Young gently lengthens the natural crown to expose the cavity so it can be effectively treated.

Tooth exposure for orthodontics

Certain teeth, such as canines, sometimes fail to erupt (grow beyond the gum line) or properly move into their natural place in the dental arch. These teeth can be brought into their proper position with orthodontic treatment, but in order to do this, the crowns of these teeth need to be exposed first so that orthodontic brackets can be attached.

Dr. Young gently removes the gum tissue covering the crowns of the unerupted teeth so that the orthodontist is able to attach the brackets.

Fixing the Gummy smile

When the crowns of your teeth are covered by excess gum tissue, your teeth look small and your smile looks “gummy”.  Gummy smiles are more than a cosmetic problem, as the overgrowth of gum tissue makes it harder to keep the teeth clean or treat any cavities or decay that may develop.

Dr. Young gently removes the excess tissue covering your tooth crowns and creates a natural-looking gum line.

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