Board Certified Periodontist

Managing the Unfairness of the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is dramatically changing the way we individually behave, or at least are allowed to behave.

For some of us, it means more work – beyond what seems fair.

And for others, like myself, it means that the ability to work and earn a living have been shut down.

Add to this the uncertainty as to when we all might be able to return to normal and fear grows. Very understandable.

My challenge to myself and what I put out in this video is that our response to this crisis affects how we will live going forward far beyond when this event ends – and it will end.

If we attempt to assess blame in order to figure out whether this has been fair, we risk becoming cynical and bitter because – Life is Not Fair!!!

It never has been, and it never will be.

So… perhaps this isn’t what the purpose of life really is… (you are invited to ponder this one and give your comments below).

I think right now we need to not think in terms of what is and is not fair, but in terms of what we can contribute to improve the lives of not only ourselves, but others. (aka, The Golden Rule).

For some of us it will mean working hard and long hours while we watch others relaxing and essentially doing nothing particularly productive – at least from our perspective.

For others, it will mean social distancing, avoiding the temptation to game the system, leaving some toilet paper and disinfectant for others (which is really in our own best interest, if you really think that one through) – and it will also mean having a good and grateful attitude.

It will mean thanking people for their hard work when we see it.

So give a fist-bump to those you love and hang in there. We are all in this together.

Be safe and well. Blessings.