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95 – An Actionable Step for Changing History

Hi and welcome, or welcome back. You are listening to the Perio Patient Podcast, a podcast for my patients and anyone else who cares to listen. My name is Dr. Ben Young and I am a periodontist in private practice in San Antonio, Texas. This is episode 95 and the title is An Actionable Step for Changing History.

Little about this podcast is directly dealing with periodontal disease. Instead it is dealing with important current events I believe we need to talk about – that can ultimately affect our medical care, our dental care and much more.

If you are listening and watching the news any at all you likely are feeling a bit overwhelmed by events. I believe we are in a pivotal moment in both United States history as well as world history. We could lose everything and become Venezuela or we can hopefully, with God’s help, turn this ship around – at least keep it from running aground.

Now in the past, I have believed in separating or compartmentalizing my professional life from my personal life from my social or community life. I still think this is a nice idea, however, right now I see all of these areas converging. Let me explain.

Let’s talk about dentistry and medicine. What is at stake in my opinion is the type of medicine and dentistry we will be allowed to practice in the United States in the years ahead. Will we become another Federally run post office, or will we be able to maintain a doctor/patient relationship without the interference of others who will dictate what we can prescribe and procedures we can and will not be able to provide – probably based on actuarial cost/benefit analysis – not the cost and benefit of the patient we are treating, but the cost and benefit to the state.

A few years ago, I would call what I am saying crazy talk. Unfortunately, it is a pretty good description of reality today. Now the rest of it, if it sounds familiar, I first posted it on my Substack site with the same title just about a week ago.

So here’s the idea,

First, so you know, I didn’t think it up, but I’m all in. See if you agree.

November 8 will soon arrive.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the vote of the people made a difference?

What’s the alternative? We end up with “officials” we didn’t elect who are in places of power to do the bidding of those who put them there.

Is this a conspiracy? Not at all. It’s called politics.

Now granted, my vote alone doesn’t mean much, and if you think about it, it really shouldn’t. If my vote meant “more” than it does, then that would mean, relatively speaking, that it means more than, say, your vote.

Of course that also means that it is easy to get people to not vote, because, after all, what difference does one vote make?

So let me make this observation. Much of the activities of powerful special interest entities, when it comes to elections, is to convince those on the other side of their special interest issue that there is no point voting. After all, what’s the point when all the polls indicate the other side is surging? Never mind that POLLS ARE JUST A FORM OF CHEEP ADVERTISING. If a poll ever turns out to be completely predictive, understand it was a good accidental guess.

Now I don’t know if any particular election in the past was stolen or not. I’m open to seeing all the evidence and I do believe when I see certain individuals wishing to hide evidence that it falls into very suspicious behavior.

But we only have little more than a month, so let me repeat what I consider a modest proposal. First to put your mind at rest, it doesn’t cost any money. What it does cost is a bit of courage – the courage to speak up. But even though it requires a bit of courage, it doesn’t require very much because you will not be trying to convince anyone to vote for the same issues or people who you plan to vote for. Instead it will be to encourage others to join you in voting AND for them to encourage others to vote AND for them to encourage others…

Finally, I plan to vote on Election Day. I look forward to standing in line and waiting my turn. I am willing to give up the convenience of voting early — something I really enjoyed doing in the past — in order to contribute to making sure that my vote counts. Should there be in place ways for others to game the system, if the votes that come in on Election Day are overwhelming, then it is less likely that attempts to cheat will override the will of the voters.

Of course there are other things people can do in the political sphere, but to me my little vote is the most important contribution I can make, that and, convincing you to do the same.


  1. We have one month left.
  2. Offense. Offense. Offense.
  3. Make a list of ten people you know.
  4. Contact each one on your list and get them to commit to vote in the upcoming election on Election Day — November 8. This will eliminate most potential election corruption.
  5. Get them to make a list of ten people they know and then encourage them to commit to contact each one on their list and to contact them and encourage them to vote on Election Day.

You spend no money with this idea and yet this can result in a massive change in history. America as we have known it and lived in our whole lives can be saved.

If you like the direction the country is going right now then vote for those who are in power and accept the results.

If you don’t like the direction the country is going then vote new people in.

It’s that simple, and also what civic duty is all about — at least as far as Election Day goes.

Well that’s it for today. Thank you, as always for listening – and if you think this is a good idea, one easy thing you can do right now is to pass it on to others. We need to get the word out, I hope you agree.

You have been listening to the Perio Hygienist Podcast. I am still Dr. Ben Young. Come join me at the banquet and don’t forget to vote. Bye for now.