Board Certified Periodontist

55 – Update on the Road

Hey everybody, this is Doctor Ben Young and I am recording this for my 2 podcasts — The Perio Hygienist podcast as well as the Perio Patient Podcast.
I’m on the road and traveling over to Corpus Christi to see a patient…
If you go back over some of my podcasts, you will find on the hygiene side that whole purpose was and is to transfer patients back to general dental offices, because I do not have a personal hygienist. And I believe I can work with Hygienists who are in other offices as well as general dentists in those offices and that we can provide today quality care and allow patients to be able to remain, as much as possible, in their family dental offices. It’s because I work with what I have defined as comprehensive dentists.
Comprehensive dentists are people who understand that they are responsible for finding problems not necessarily treating everything — just like I don’t treat everything. We look for things that we can provide patients both within our offices as well as expertise outside of our offices.
The other thing I wanted to talk about is that this has been a very disruptive time in our country, and in fact I would say the world with this coronavirus outbreak…
As I learn more and more about different therapeutics and processes that might help patients, I want the freedom to be able to study and apply scientific understanding. My concern is that science has become politicized. Science has always been the process of questioning and being skeptical about everything.
I want you to look at the death rates from coronavirus.
I want you to look at who are the most at risk and I want you to understand that the vaccine that has come out is experimental. The reason I can tell you this is because this is how it is described by those who have produced and are delivering it. It is experimental. It did not go through the normal steps to obtain approval. That’s fine because we are in a pandemic and so it makes sense to want to prevent death. However, the death rate from COVID-19 is not that high, except for some select groups.
And there are things about an experimental vaccine that we do not know. It doesn’t mean that the vaccine is bad. it just means that we scientifically don’t know some things, and therefore, we need to be able to hear from different voices both in favor and skeptical. It is disturbing to me that perhaps flight restrictions will occur for people who have not been vaccinated. I think, if it’s an experimental medication, it should not be required that people are forced to take it, in order not to lose their jobs or
fly. And it isn’t anti-vaccine. It is a concern about an experimental medication. I have taken all my childhood vaccinations and understand them. It is just the manner in which this particular experimental
drug has come out.
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