The Purpose of Anger


There is a purpose for anger and it isn’t to give me an excuse to break things.
Anger can cause me to become aware of the fact that something is bugging me a lot. It might help me stop and ask myself what is going on? Where is this overwhelming emotion coming from?
Ultimately anger might kick me out of complacency resulting getting me to do something really good for myself, others or even society at large. But of course, it all depends on how well I am able to process this very normal emotion.
On the other hand, ignoring anger can make me sick. It might lead me into depression, or give me migraines. There is no telling where chronic repressed anger can lead.
Probably the biggest cause of anger involves my interactions with other people. More likely this than it is some organic problem with my brain. Because frustrating relationships can result in me feeling angry, it stands to reason that finding good healthy mature people to talk to who care about me, no matter what, is the quickest and smartest path to finding my way back to better feelings.