Why Flossing is Important

  A book about flossing your teeth? Really? I am a periodontist, which means I am a dentist with additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases. Yes, some of it is pretty complicated, but not all of it. After years of study and after treating thousands of patients, I have come to […]

Thoughts About Documentation

Paperwork. I don’t know anyone who likes doing it… including me. But when it comes to documenting patient care, it’s important. Having stated this, we really aren’t taught to do it well. In dental school we document to prove competency, which means we are writing for reasons beyond immediate care of a specific patient. After […]

$3.5M in dental grants aimed at rural Nebraska

Here is a program that puts dental students out into the rural community where they will learn just how complicated the problem is.  Some day my hope is to enable them to incorporate new scanning technology that would make their tasks easier and provide better care for those patients. $3.5M in dental grants aimed at […]