Periodontal Maintenance in San Antonio

Periodontal Maintenance

Dr. Young will provide home oral care instruction so that you are able to maintain the health of you gums between visits.

Expert oral care after treatment – Keeping your teeth and gums healthy

After your treatment is completed. Dr. Young will ensure you maintain your oral health with regular hygiene maintenance cleanings and home oral care instruction. He will set the frequency of maintenance appointments based on your specific needs.

Gum disease can return easily if follow-up oral care is insufficient. Gum disease can only be prevented for the future by continual removal of the accumulated bacterial deposits that lodge on the teeth. The formation of bacterial plaque and calculus needs to be prevented and any accumulated deposits removed to keep gum disease at bay.

Highly skilled care

Dr. Young personally provides your maintenance cleanings. He is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of effective hygiene procedures. While serving as a periodontist in the U.S. Air Force, he was an instructor in dental hygiene procedures to other dental practitioners at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio.

Dr. Young has also published a book titled “The Joy of Flossing”. He wrote this book for dental practices to give to their patients so that they could improve their oral health. The book explains all the reasons flossing is necessary for effective home oral care and describes effective flossing techniques anyone can use. He uses the book as part of his patient home oral care education.

Thorough Maintenance Care

Dr. Young is very thorough in his maintenance care and employs many high-tech tools and procedures to ensure you can keep your oral health at the highest level.

Tracking your progress

Periodontal Maintenance

Dr. Young will track the health of your gum pockets over time, making any adjustments to your maintenance care as needed.

At the beginning of each maintenance appointment, Dr. Young gently probes the depths of your gum pockets and checks for any bleeding. This allows him to assess the state of your oral health and compare it with your earlier appointments. He will go over the results with you and will make any needed adjustments in your maintenance actions to keep your oral health at optimum.

High-tech, gentle cleanings

Dr. Young uses an ultrasonic scaler to gently remove the accumulated plaque and calculus on your teeth and below your gum line. The ultrasonic scaler uses vibrations to dislodge the bacterial deposits and cleans deeper and faster than traditional scaling instruments, and carries no risk of damaging any of your healthy tissues. The vibration level is adjustable and Dr. Young sets the scaler so your cleaning is comfortable.

Dental laser for problem areas

When needed, Dr. Young will also use the Millennium dental laser that he employs in his laser gum disease treatment on a special “hygiene” setting to further disinfect deep or bleeding gum pockets. Laser disinfection kills organisms deep in the gum pockets and eradicates infection in the gum tissue near the tooth roots without harming the roots.

Special jet spray for thorough polishing

To polish your teeth Dr. Young uses a special dental jet spray known as a prophy jet. The prophy jet shoots a high-pressure sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) stream that reaches into tiny grooves that normal polishing equipment cannot reach. It also removes stains from coffee, smoking and other hard-to-clean sources that cannot be removed by other instruments.

Home oral care education

Periodontal Maintenance

Dr. Young will give you a copy of his book “The Joy of Flossing” which contains practical brushing and flossing techniques.

Home oral care is as vital as regular maintenance cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy and ward off further infection. Dr. Young and his assistant educate you thoroughly on how to maintain your oral health at home through proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Dr. Young will give you a copy of “The Joy of Flossing” and invite you to read it at home. After you have read it, he will discuss the contents with you and happily answer any of your questions during your next appointment.

Our assistant is highly trained in proper brushing and flossing techniques and will give you personal instructions in each, including how to hold floss for maximum effectiveness.

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