All New Teeth in One Day

All New Teeth in One Day in San Antonio

Implant-supported new fixed-in teeth in as little as one day

All New Teeth in One DayAre you tired of wearing dentures that slip, irritate your gums and make it hard to eat the foods you need? Or are your teeth so broken down you can’t really chew your food?

Dr. Young can give you a full arch of replacement teeth that are stably fixed in your arch, have nearly the same biting and chewing power as regular teeth, will not slip and look totally natural. He uses dental implants to support an entire arch of fixed-in new replacement teeth. The procedure can usually be performed in a single day for both arches.

With this special implant-supported teeth system, your biting and chewing power will climb from 10%, as with regular dentures, to nearly 90% of full biting and chewing power. For most people, this will allow them to eat whatever they want.

How our system works

Dr. Young places a series of dental implants across your arch which will function as strong support for a full arch of new teeth. Usually six implants are placed in the upper arch and five implants are placed in the lower arch, though the precise number can be adjusted according to your specific circumstances.

Precise diagnostics

All New Teeth in One Day

3D imaging technology is used for precise planning of your new set of teeth.

To determine the precise number and the positions of the implants to be placed, Dr. Young has you obtain a dental 3D CT scan at a dental imaging lab. The scan will show where the bone in the arch is most dense and provides the greatest stability for the implants. The images will also show if any bone grafting may be needed to provide adequate support for implants.

Design of top-quality new teeth

Dr. Young works with top prosthodontists (dental specialists in tooth restoration) to create your new teeth, and he will have you see the prosthodontist for a full consultation prior to treatment planning. The prosthodontist will take the impressions needed for your new teeth and will design both your temporary and final restorations.

Your teeth can be made out of a variety of materials, including high-quality acrylic or porcelain. These teeth will not have the false palate covering the roof of your mouth that inhibits your sense of taste and they will look and function like natural teeth. Dr. Young and the prosthodontist will determine the materials that will work best for you and will present their options to you so you can make an informed selection.

Meticulous planning

All New Teeth in One Day

Dr. Young performs meticulous treatment planning prior to implant placement.

As part of treatment planning, the imaging lab loads the 3D images from the CT scan into special implant planning software, and Dr. Young will plan the precise position, angle and depth of every implant.

He will then direct the lab to fabricate a template that fits over your dental arch and indicates the precise placement position and angle of the implants. Dr. Young will use this template, known as a surgical guide, to place the implants on the day of the procedure.

Implants and new teeth in the same day

Dr. Young and the prosthodontist are both present on the day of your procedure. Dr. Young will perform any extractions necessary and place all the implants. He and the prosthodontist will then place temporary new teeth onto the implants. You will wear these while your implants fully integrate with your jawbone. In most cases, these temporary teeth will be fully functional.

Follow-up visits

Dr. Young and your prosthodontist will both see you in follow-up appointments after the procedure. Dr. Young will monitor the healing of your implants and the prosthodontist will make any adjustments needed for your final restorations so they have a completely natural look, fit and function.

Your new teeth

Once your implants have fully integrated, your final new teeth will be fixed in. With your new teeth, you will have near full biting and chewing power and will be able to eat the foods you want. They will function very much like regular teeth and will look totally natural. You will be able to smile with confidence!

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

All New Teeth in One Day

Dr. Young will answer all your questions about dental implants during a Complimentary Consultation.

Come see Dr. Young and find out the benefits of full-arch replacement teeth and how this procedure might benefit you. Your complimentary appointment will include:

  • Consultation with Dr. Young
  • Learn more about dental implants and the different treatment options
  • Get all your questions about dental implants answered

To make an appointment, call 210‑660‑1050 or click here to request an appointment online.