Flossing and Dental Insurance

 Here’s the video.

Here’s the script:


You’re not alone.

Obviously the fact that I have put the two subjects in a single title implies they have some things in common, and they do.

Many things, actually.

For one thing, they have ME in common.

I’m interested in both and yet most people are not particularly jazzed about either.

But rather than accept that this is just the way it is and must always be, I see as one of my professional responsibilities the need to push back and not just let this slide. Too much, frankly, is at stake — not only your health, but the health of your loved ones.

To show you just how passionate I am about all of this, I wrote a book about flossing and not anyone else I know can claim this. The reason I wrote it was because (1) I saw how important flossing is to maintaining oral and even general health and preventing truly awful diseases and (2) I was tired of having to repeat myself over and over every work day. Also I happen to think the best place for people to learn to floss is not in a dental office but at home where loving adults can influence the long-term habits and behaviors of children. That’s how periodontal disease can potentially be reduced in future generations. But you have to read the book to really understand why I say this.

What about dental insurance? I have just put out a thirty-minute video about dental insurance, knowing that the average attention span for videos is under five.

People who think dental insurance is the key to dental health usually are not big flossers. They think that what they need to stay healthy is a good policy and good professional dental care. Those may be nice, but most of us would also agree that it is always best to prevent as many problems as possible from starting up in the first place.

But knowledge doesn’t come without an investment. In this case, it is your time more than money.

If you agree with me, then set yourself up to receive my updates as they come out, either on one of my Facebook pages, through my YouTube channel or on Twitter. Also set aside some time to read The Joy of Flossing and then share it with young people you care about. And do you know what is more expensive than doing all of this? Not doing any of it.