Dental Care and Dental Insurance

This is a long video but I don’t apologize. That’s  because if you have dental insurance, but really don’t understand how it works, this information will be both helpful and unique.

The reason I say this is because you will be getting the perspective of a dental provider whose primary professional purpose is to help patients get better and stay that way as much as possible.

If dental insurance were of help, I would be all for it, but there are problems.

Big Ones.

They are inherent in the system and will not be “fixed” by finding a better dental insurance. I explain why in this video.

And, not to worry. It isn’t just bad news.

I offer for those living in my part of Texas and who have periodontal disease or even might have periodontal problems, a good solution — one that addresses the upfront expense of laser therapy (LANAP) and the long-term expense of supportive periodontal care (the examinations, x-rays and cleanings that help sustain help as much as possible.

Click here to watch the video.