Cosmetic Gum Treatment in San Antonio

Cosmetic Gum Treatment in San Antonio

Expert gum treatments to enhance your smile

When the crowns of your teeth are covered by too much gum tissue, it can make your teeth look small and give you what is known as a “gummy smile”. There are other instances where excess gum tissue growth makes the gums look too thick or irregular, or the gum line is too low and makes it look like your jaw has sunk.

These situations not only affect how you look, they make it harder in some cases to prevent gum disease or decay. As a periodontist, Dr. Young is an expert in minimally invasive gum treatments to enhance the beauty of your smile and preserve the health of your gums.

Fixing the gummy smile

Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Dr. Young will show you how cosmetic gum treatment procedures can benefit you.

In a gummy smile there is an excess of gum tissue (and sometimes also bone tissue) covering your teeth, which makes your teeth look too short. This causes many people to feel self-conscious and hide their smiles. The overgrowth of the gums also makes it harder to clean the teeth thoroughly or treat them if they develop decay or fracture.

Dr. Young corrects the overgrowth of gum and bone tissue over the teeth by gently removing the excess tissue so the teeth are exposed at normal length and your smile is properly proportioned.

Contouring the gums for proper size and shape

Cosmetic Gum Treatment in San Antonio

Dr. Young will provide you with excellent service to ensure the best results.

Gum tissue can sometimes be too thick in specific places and give the gums an irregular shape or appear too bulky. This not only can affect your smile, it can make it very hard to fit a denture or other dental appliance over your gums.

Dr. Young uses a dental laser and other instruments to gently sculpt away the excess gum tissue and bring the gums back to proper thickness and shape. This enhances the beauty of your smile and makes it possible for dentures or other appliances to fit snugly and comfortably.

Building back a sunken gum line

When a tooth is lost, bone loss occurs in the jaw bone due to a lack of stimulation of the bone. This causes the jawbone to “sink” in the area where the tooth is missing. If the missing tooth was replaced by a bridge, this can result in an unsightly gap between the gum line and the bridge.

Dr. Young can graft gum tissue under the dental bridge and build the gum line back to its normal height.

Treatment for receding gums

When your gums recede, your tooth roots are left exposed. Dr. Young performs gum recession treatment to cover unattractive tooth roots, strengthen the gum tissue and protect tooth roots from damage and decay.

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