Beating Dental Insurance

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I think there are two big mistakes people make when working with their dental insurance.

First, because the policies are complicated (by design in my opinion) many decide, because they have no pain, to postpone dental visits.

Big mistake, because disease usually begins as a silent problem — for years usually.

When things begin to hurt or become loose, the treatment options are usually more expensive or destructive.

The second way people allow dental insurance to throw them off track, when it comes to getting the dental care they need, is to declare that they will only have what dental insurance allows. This is the mistaken idea that dental insurance protects patients from unscrupulous dentists. Surely the dental insurance is designed to help patients navigate dentistry, they think.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dental insurance hopes you spend little and their objective is to limit your use of your policy.

But there are solutions to all of this and it begins with finding a dentist you trust.

First find out what all your problems are and then figure out how best to manage the expense.

Getting into a preventive routine is the best way to control cost long-term AND minimize expensive dental treatment and repeat treatment. Click here to see a video a did that discusses this in more detail.


If you live near me, check out our in-office plan. And if you aren’t sure it will help you or what your specific problems are, then let’s figure this out first.

Finally, dental insurance often denies the best treatment options for cheaper alternatives. I see this with laser treatment for periodontal disease. This increases difficulties for patients who then end up with surgical procedures that ironically results in costing more than the maximum insurance available to patients. When this happens, the insurance is off the hook, and the patient ends up paying more than they would have with the laser option.